Parliament Entertainment Records Recording Artist                                BIG BROTHER DEE
                                            INSPIRATIONAL, POWERFUL URBAN GOSPEL  MUSIC
About Big Brother Dee

”U "   The Album 

You asked for it and now you've got it, the solo debut release from one of the Realist Brothers out there.  With vocal styling reminiscent of Luther, Gerald, Curtis, and Heavy D. you’re in for a unique Urban, Gospel, Neo, R&B, Reggae, Inspirational, and Soul Journey like you've never heard before.  Musical Influences ranging from Traditional Gospel, Jazz, Opera (yeah that's right O P E R A), and even Rock and Roll, and Hip Hop, allowed this Brother to pour his heart out to God and confess his sins and short comings publicly, in hopes that someone out there still caught up will realize there is a way out of the madness this world can sometimes leave you in, and that way is Jesus, "The Truth, The Way, and The Life". 

The first song "Ding Dong (Hear U Knockin)" is his confession of denial and rebellion against God's calling to set him free from the pain and confusion that had him in bondage, with a Dance Hip Hop Beat, a very catchy melodic hook and some humorous Rap lyrics, he reminds us that God is always there waiting patiently for us to accept his calling. Then there is the Reggae inspired "Luv Em Anyway (Shake the Devil Off)" that will have you dancing like David danced while letting us know that we must practice Agape Love no matter what!!!  The heart felt ballads "I Don't Know Why" has him asking why God keeps on loving him.  Then the song "God of a 2nd Chance" turns around and answers that very question.  He croons to these very beautifully and uniquely produced tracks from two (2) music masters; Dwight "Dwitty" Emile of L.A., and Mr. Slava from Russia.  World Renowned producer of the famous Whispers Ted Robinson, adds his flavor with the funkadelic/Parliamentesque Groove on "Down", where Big D testifies of how good God is, while he gets his praise on, Trust, you will too.  There are so many different styles on this CD, Jazz inspired, "I Run 2 U" , the Chicago Style, "Holdin On" and "On & On", will have you stepping for Jesus. Contemporary Gospels, “Don’t Doubt”, "U Said" and "You Don't Know", will make you think Luther was in the room singing Gospel, Halleluiah!  He gets very personal and real on, "Chill Today" and “In the Middle of the Night”, where he bares his soul on where God has brought him from and thru. There are several more songs that will make the hardest brother and sister sit back, chill, and think about the loved ones they've lost, , "I Call U" and where their lives are heading, "Have Mercy", both songs feature streetwise rapper K-OSS, while grooving to smooth Neo Soul and Poppin Hip Hop Beats. We have to celebrate the Gospel Anthem, "I Need U", that will have you shouting, “Lorororord I Need U!"  Finally there is, “I Love U”, which simply says to the world that he loves God more than words can say.  Just open your heart and you too will feel the pure emotion he expresses.

The bottom-line is, here are 18 tracks of the most diverse Urban Inspirational, Jazz, and Neo, Contemporary.... and all this is done for the Glory of God.  He has hopes of reaching those who will never purposely listen to Gospel, and for those of you who do, but still need something to listen to that will keep your heads bobbin, sing along to, or just sooth your soul.  There is,U ", nuff said, enjoy and be blessed>>>


TRACK LISTING  (Urban Gospel)

1.  Ding, Dong  (Hear U Knockin) (4:01) 2.  Down            4:05 3.  Luv Em Anyway ( shake the devil off ) (4:50)

4.  I Love U (4:52) 5.  Have Mercy (4:40) 6.  I Call U  (3:23) 7.  In the Middle of the Night (4:15) 8.  I Don’t Know Why (4:25)

9.  Don’t Doubt (4:38)  10. I Need U (3:41 11. U Said        (4:36) 12. God of a 2ND Chance (5:12) 13. Chill Today (4:20)

14. U Don’t Know (4:08) 15. I Run To U (4:55) 16. Holdin On (3:47) 17. U Know (4:08) 18. On & On (4:49)




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